Christian Wallumrød

TJO & Christian Wallumrød

For their 50th anniversary Kongsberg Jazz Festival commisioned a new piece by Christian Wallumrød. Wallumrød is one of the most influential musicians on the Norwegian jazz and new music scene. For this version of Trondheim Jazz Orchestra he has put together a great ensemble. Mixing both young talented artists and more experienced improvising artists. In 2015 Hubro Music released the album 'Untitled Arpeggios and Pulses' 


Ivar Grydeland - guitars

Lars Ove Fossheim - guitars

Anja Lauvdal - piano, cembalo, synthesizers

Christian Wallumrød - piano, synthesizers, drum machines

Espen Reinertsen - tenor saxophone

Eivind Lønning - trumpet

Heida Mobeck - tuba/electronics

Fredrik Wallumrød - drums

Siv Øyunn Kjenstad - drums

Michael Duch - double bass

Tor Breivik - sound engineer