For the Jazz & the City Festival in Salzburg 2018 we are presenting a new project with the up and coming free jazz quartet Hearth. The members of Hearth are all leaders of their own groups performing in the European arena and beyond. Together they weave a tapestry of musical textures, stretching boundaries in shifting landscapes, an evocative palette exploring serene hushes sounding murmurs to fiery explosives. These four musicians have embraced the unknown, the freedom to take unaccustomed directions in compelling ways, giving the listener refreshing musical experiences.
Music is the hearth of our being.

They're version of the Trondheim Jazz Orchestra contains some highly original improvisors from the fertile Scandinavian scene. 


Susana Santa Silva - Trumpet

Mette Rasmussen - Alto and Soprano Saxophone

Ada Rave - Tenor Saxophone and Clarinet

Kaja Draksler - Piano 


Trondheim Jazz Orchestra

Sofia Jernberg - Vocals

Adrian Løseth Waade - Violin

Ole Morten Vågan - Bass

Anders Hana - Guitar

Amund Storløkken  - Vibraphone

Eirik Hegdal - Barytone sax and C melody

Fredrik Ljungkvist - Tenor Saxophone, Clarinet and Soprano Saxophone

Heida Karine Johannesdottir - Tuba and Electronics

Matilda Rolfsson - Bass drum

Gard Nilssen - Drums